Rainbows + Monsters
Rainbows + Monsters
Rainbows + Monsters
Rainbows + Monsters
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Rainbows + Monsters

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We all know too well that many a times, siblings just want to own their individual play sets and some days they really don't feel like sharing, and that's ok. 
As moms of two(each), we totally understand. And that is why we came up with Sibling Play Boxes, to make play time feel fun and fair for our own Play Experts. We are certain it will help with yours too!

Mix and match your sibling box set/s based on their favourite themes.

Each individual theme comes with a reusable flip-top box to keep everything in it's rightful place. 

Monster Box

This kit includes

- 75g x 4 colours of homemade dough
- Wooden Peg Dolls x 4
- Paint and Brush
- Popsicle Sticks x 10
- Wiggly Eyes in assorted sizes x 30
- Straws

Rainbow Box

This kit includes

- 40g x 6 colours of homemade dough
- Rainbow Cookie Cutter
- Rainbow Silicon Ornament
- Pom poms 

- Pictures are for reference only, contents in each kit may vary slightly. 
- This kit includes some small parts which can cause choking, they are not suitable for children under 3.
- Our products are not considered toys, thus, small children should play under strict parental supervision.