1) What is your dough made of ?

Our dough is handmade with flour, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, salt and food coloring 

They are non-toxic and taste-safe. 
Our dough is easy to mould into shapes and manageable to clean up.

2) What age is suitable for playing with your dough?

Our basic, non-scented dough are suitable for 18 months and above. 

Our dough blended with essential oils or glitter are suitable for children age 3 and above. 

While our dough is taste-safe and non toxic, we always recommend small children should play under strict parental supervision.

3) How long can your dough last?

If kept dry and stored in air tight container away from sunlight, they can be stored and reused over and over for up to 3 months. 

If you find that the dough has become a little dry, add a few drops of vegetable oil and knead till you get the perfect texture. 

4) What's the difference between your dough and commercial ones?

While commercial dough may be made with unknown chemicals that may not be good for our little ones, ours are made with all natural food-grade ingredients. They are taste-safe and non-toxic. 

As parents ourselves, we want nothing more than to ensure the things our kids play with are free from all the nasties. These little people can knead, pull, cut, stretch or roll our dough freely without worries.

Some of our dough are blended with essential oils to complete their sensory experience of Sight, Smell and Touch.  



1) Where do you get your Rice/Pasta/Chickpeas from? 

We get them from regular supermarkets here locally and we stain them with food coloring. So they totally safe for kids to play with.

2) What age would you recommend for kids to play with Rice/Pasta/Chickpeas

From 3 and above as the chickpeas and pasta can be a choking hazard. 
Please always ensure strict parental supervision when younger kids are playing with our products.

3) How do I keep/maintain your Rice/Pasta/Chickpeas?

Always ensure your kids hands are clean and dry before playing. 
Before keeping, keep them in an air tight container away from sunlight. 
To prolong the lifespan of these items, you can spread them out in a flat tray and leave them out to dry before storing. 

4) How do you play with Rice/Pasta/Chickpeas?

The options are limitless!

You can scoop, pour, fill, brush, mix rice and chickpeas with our little scoops or catchers. This helps to build and train your child's pincer grip and provide lots of creative and imaginative play.

Pennes are great for threading which helps with focus training and strengthening the tiny muscles in their little hands that will help with holding their pencils/pen properly. 

Rice/Pasta/Chickpeas are also great for creating art pieces and are perfect concrete objects that can be used for learning numeracy and literacy. Visit our IG @playfromhomesg for more ideas.



Some of our kits are on pre-order because our supplier has ran out of a particular material we include in the kit. To find out when the kit will be ready for shipping, please check the individual product page for more information or drop us an email. 

If your order consist of a pre-order item, your whole order will be shipped together once all the items in your order are ready for shipping.
If you would like the available item to be shipped first, please drop us an email with your order number to let us know. Additional Shipping Fee may be applicable.


Do you do customised orders?

Yes, we sure do! Drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for and we be more than happy to work with you. 
On top of customizing our Party favours to match your theme, we can also customised a kit for your little one.