Counting Raindrops
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Counting Raindrops

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A fun and engaging way to introduce the concept of quantity to Pre-Kindies!
We recommend introducing not more than 2 digits a day, depending on the age and learner’s efficacy.

What are our Play Experts expected to uncover:

- compare numbers
- concept of quantity
- kneading and moulding skills
- sense of colour recognition and application
- sensorial play and bonding with accompanying adult
- confidence in counting and number recognition
- fun and joy in a sensorial play based activity

This kit includes

- 2 x 100 grams Dough (Sky Blue and Powder Pink)
- 2 Wooden boards as shown 
- Numbered wooden clouds (0-19)
- Black and White pompoms


- Pictures are for reference only, contents in each kit may vary slightly. Wooden bowls not included 
- Our products are not considered toys, thus, small children should play under strict parental supervision.